The innovative revel engine is at the heart of our solutions

Fast & Flexible

Revel Core is designed for flexibility - we can create a customised version for a specific purpose very quickly - ideal for getting product ideas to market fast

I/O Hero

Our technical philosophy is to integrate with other data systems to provide an overall solution - Revel Core uses diverse APIs to control and serve other systems

Mobile and Offline

Designed to work for mobile and remote users. Built-in data synchronisation and offline usability means we can deliver excellent performance in challenging environments

Meet our team.

John Cass

John has been designing and developing computer systems since he was 10 years old. He loves building systems that address a real need and deliver brilliant user experiences.

Kelechi Amadi

Having started out in graphic design, branding and marketing, Kelechi has specialised on web design, user experience & online strategy for the past 12 years.

Mark Ingman

A Full Stack Developer and Web industry veteran with over 20 years experience, Mark has a practical, holistic know-how to integrate your unique business requirements.

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